Trolling a rattle trap next to the bridge has produced some nice trout. The Panther has a bright-green blade and lighter green body while the Mepps has a green body, green dressed hook and bronze blade. But top anglers know that the only colors you really need are white, black, yellow and your choice of a fluourescent color. Kirk Davis shares some tips on where to find fish on the jet ski in summer.... more >, John Walkley is an experienced saltwater and freshwater fisherman who has fished extensively in both NZ and Australia. Always start with natural “ghost” colors, then try solid colors, and then whites or chartreuse if the water is stained and they aren’t responding to the first two color categories. $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); Lure color selection is dependent on water and weather conditions. Metallic lure colors like gold and silver are great at reflecting light. The Panther Martin is good in deeper water while the Mepps runs shallow, which is useful where weed may be a problem. Because of the construction of the lure, the Fat Boy can be tuned to swim at different depths, diving slightly up or down with different bends applied to the nose or tail. Siren 3 Pro. To match the rainbow trout, there’s a rainbow range of color lines. Here Are the Best Trout Lures. Fish are not color blind and can see clearly on the darkest nights and can distinguish colors. Two green lures I always carry are the green Panther Martin spinner and the green Mepps Thunder Bug spinner. If you’re new to the fishing world and want to have a general idea about what color line is best for trou t. $("#minor4").html(" " + data[1].minor2); document.getElementById('tzone').value=; One situation took place in Port Mansfield, the other in East Galveston Bay. $("form#caldata").submit(); It looked too deep for the Mepps, but some weed on the treble of the Ticer indicated it wasn’t really deep. Trout have a limited range of colour vision, so it is best in clear conditions. Gear. Bright lures from the Mepps range are great for fishing muddy waters after a flood. Latest. Rudy Grigar, who largely is credited with starting the interest in fishing with artificial baits in the Galveston Bay complex, had years of experience in dealing with baits and colors long before most “hardware” and “soft plastic” fishermen arrived on the scene. A light color is typically chartreuse, or white, or Matrix Shad’s “Ultraviolet”. Joe’s Flies Short Striker. 1. A big fish engulfed the lure right under the rod tip. Black suits dark conditions, white gives excellent visibility in stirred and dirty water, red suits clear, shallow water, while in bright conditions flashy yellow and orange lures work well. }); All information © 2020 The Fishing Website, NZ Fishing News 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, Kingfish on Saltwater fly - fishing the flats. Can anyone recommend soft plastics or hard top waters for the SPI Bay north just off the Causeway. { I’ve been fishing for a while and only been using gulp. MirrOLure Mirrodine C-Eye Pro. I find a lot of top anglers have a limited range of lures, but lots of colours and sizes in those lures. Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. What about the tail colors? The most reliable colors are gold/silver or brown/rainbow trout. 3. Other days kinda choppy and nothing moving. } if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;} Chartreuse and white work as well as a combination of black and red. As a basic rule of thumb it is safe to stay with natural fish colors. In Mansfield, white Norton Sand Eels with chartreuse tails out performed other variations of the same bait three to one and root beer colored touts did the same thing over other colors of touts in East Bay. The 11 Best Speckled Trout Lures of All Time Speckled sea trout are one of the most fun fish to catch on artificial lures. The MirrOLure Mirrodine C-Eye Pro is our choice for the best overall speckled trout lure. Time for a radical plan. Trout Magnet. Well, if you were using artificial baits, I bet the difference in success was a result of the color of the bait, assuming they all were different colors. For green water, which is prevalent during windows of light winds and good tidal movement during the summer, his favorite was chartreuse. Lake Tekapo is a large lake located in the central South Island. For soft plastics, year after year a strawberry Hogy with white tail and 1/4oz jighead that is allowed to sink and then ripped up works well. } I often fish them together, meaning swapping over when water depth changes. Without delving into the long-winded science, trout can see color fairly well and redfish possibly see color even better. As The Script would say, I had painted Tekapo green. When it come to the best trout fishing lure colors for fishing it varies tremendously. Custom Web Design by Big Splash Web Design, Deep Drop Techniques for Grouper and Tilefish. The fluffy tail sends it own vibrations through the water, ... Blue Fox Vibrax. type: "post", Berkley PowerBait. Naturally, I select lures and spinners for movement and action first and only secondly decide on which colour is best for that lure on the day. At first glance, it appears a dirty-blue with limited shoreline vegetation. How to Use Fishing Lights. It seemed to take ages to retrieve the lure, but in the last wave, a swirl of silver indicated something had tried to eat it before my Panther Martin escaped. Night crawlers are pretty much one of the best baits for trout. Anglers have been using this live bait for decades and it’s still considered one of the most effective ways to catch fish. We like the silver pattern for fishing trout but some of the coloured variety have landed some crackers as well. year+=1900; Even my silver salmon ticers and Zeddies have green prism tape on them, and it is a colour I use a lot when selecting soft baits. Horses for courses also come into play with lures, particularly colours, but green seems to be an all-rounder anywhere. Some scholar in an earlier time once said that we’re creatures of habit – I tend to agree. Boats. Grigar loved to check fish, that had been recently caught where he fished or planned to fish, for their feeding habits. The trout magnet kit comes with 8 jig heads that weigh 1/64 ounce and have size 8 hooks. url: '', By Robert Sloan. Then start bringing back … Gear. There were no salmon about. I will definitely try something new and will go after those reds and trout. var daym=mydate.getDate(); It's less flashier on these sunny days and suspicious trout seem to prefer it over the silver or anything else with brighter patterns such as tiger/perch. When they move into the bays to spawn, they change colors and become brownish and stay that way until they move back into their normal habitat. Berkley Powerbait Floating Mice Tails. In sandy waters, florescent lures and yellow redheads worked well. A guide to some of the best lures for speckled trout. The song pops into my head each time I tie a green lure or soft bait to the end of my line, and recently that song has been in my head a lot because green lures are catching plenty of fish. Fishing a Trout Magnet under a small float is more effective. Duller colors when the water is warm and fish are near the surface. $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); It put up a dogged fight, but one thing I know about the Panther is that trout don’t nip it, they engulf it. Early in the season when glass minnows or small mullet were the top choices of trout, he would use light-colored baits. Everyone has a theory on colors when it comes to selecting lures for inshore fishing. Spoons for trout fishing var month=mydate.getMonth(); Mepps Aglia. var mydate=new Date(); } Trout Spinners – Panther Martin in the upper left, and 2 Rooster Tails I follow the same basic color rules as with other lures – bright UV colors when the water is cold. $("#date1").html("

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"); Using Multi-Purpose Transducers to Find Fish. $("#caldata").submit(function(e){ Personally, I have fished with others using baits of various colors and after an hour or more, certain colors would be hit while fish turned up their noses to the rest of the colors. On the next cast, I slowed down when approaching the same spot and whack! If the shoal is out there you go home early with a bag or you realise, today is not the day. Updated: March 21, 2018. Carlos Rogers who fished the Port O’Connor area for years, was adamant about different colored tails and buck tails for baits. The example I mention has occurred on several occasions while wade-fishing or drifting and casting with the same type of baits, in each case we all were tossing soft plastics. This flash can call in fish... Fluorescent Colors. Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. $(function() No blood this time so I was able to slip him back into the lake to grow bigger. The best thing that you should consider in catching any elusive lake trouts is to use the best lake trout lures that skilled anglers always put in their fishing tackles. When the speckled trout bite is on, you need to be on your game! I knew his florescent green blade would be obvious in the silty water. Chartreuse, gold sides, white belly has always been a favorite color … Two Lure Colors. Two hours later I conceded defeat. A rainbow this time, which proceeded to jump all over the lake before finally giving up and asking for mercy. Boats. A trout is an omnivorous fish that feeds on other smaller fish like minnows, which is why minnows are often considered the best bait for trout fishing.Minnows offer many advantages as trout bait.

best colors for trout lures

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