In a number of the studies done on both German and Roman chamomile, other oils were added. We call them both “chamomile,” but they have a different genus and species. Most people prefer the smell of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil but German Chamomile does have a beautiful sweet herbal chamomile aroma as well. However, I did find one study at NCBI ( that states it is absorbed into the skin. This oil is most suitable as an ingredient for skin care products. It’s in their chemical properties that we begin to see where they differ. It’s one of my favorites. How to Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. It’s all about the chemical makeup of the two oils. Chamomile will definitely be a valuable addition to your essential oil kit! Chamomile essential oil has some solid research behind it. Both … Roman chamomile essential oil is available in health stores and online. Though both German and Roman chamomile essential oils are often used interchangeably in treating an assortment of conditions, they are not the same and thus the purpose of this post. The vibrant yellow and white flowers are steam distilled to produce a strong, herbaceous aroma similar to chamomile tea. Researchers in a 2010 study assessed the effectiveness of German chamomile oil in … German Chamomile Essential Oil Has Many Properties That Can Benefit Your Eczema. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. The difference between German and Roman chamomile essential oils can be summed up in a nutshell. These differences become important when we are treating conditions of the body, emotions and mind with our home essential oil kits. Roman chamomile has a distinct aroma, which is much more intense than the herbal infusion. They supply us with both German and Roman chamomile. Please clarify. There are several types of Chamomile essential oil, but Chamomile (Roman) essential oil is the most preferred. Yes, they German and Roman chamomile can be used interchangeably. Though both have anti-inflammatory properties, German chamomile appears to be preferred for treating eczema and other skin conditions. Provides restful sleep, relief from sore muscles, arthritis, headaches and migraines. If you are looking for a strong anti-inflammatory oil, your best bet would be to go with German Chamomile… I’m not sure what you’re really searching for. Roman Chamomile is a small evergreen perennial plant that grows low to the ground, often used as a ground cover. Chamomile German is rich in sesquiterpene derivatives. where can I buy german chamomile essential oil? 100% pure and natural oil, obtained from water – steam distillation of Roman Chamomile plants (Anthemis nobilis). The essential oil is extracted from the flower heads through steam distillation. See more ideas about Roman chamomile, Essential oil … German chamomile is most commonly grown for its delicate, ornamental white flowers that add interest to the summer garden. The Roman chamomile essential oil has a sweet, apple-like fragrance and is very light clear blue in color with a watery viscosity. I debated about how to put this part together for you. It does so through nourishing and calming dry, irritated or flaky skin. Better anti-inflammatory due to higher concentration of Azulene, Better as a calming agent and use for sore muscles. There are two main varieties people inquire about: roman chamomile vs german chamomile. Wait for 48 hours. The Roman type, on the other hand, has a domed center that is lower and more rounded. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. Chamomile Oil for Babies and Children. We like the high quality of all their oils. German Chamomile Vs. Roman Chamomile From Salvatore Battaglia’s The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy. It is sometimes cultivated for its essential oil, which is higher in the active ingredient chamazulene than the Roman variety. You can take advantage of them in essential oil form, which you have to dilute with your favorite carrier oil before applying topically. To me that invalidates any conclusion that it was the chamomile oil responsible for the results. Most people choose between the oils by the scent they prefer. Though both German and Roman chamomile essential oils are considered safe to use, there are a couple of precautionary notes. Compare 5 types of Lavender Essential Oils. 5. It’s known as blue chamomile and comes from Southern and Eastern Europe. I am making a ‘recipe’ for migraines and was told to use Roman Chamomile. Roman chamomile essential oil is mainly constituted from esters of angelic acid and tiglic acid, plus farnesene and a-pinene, which have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. About the use of chamomile oil during pregnancy, you dont recommend using it internally. The plant propagates by dividing. Thank you. German Chamomile* – Relieves muscular aches and pains – Relaxing to the nerves – Relieves spasms – Analgesic, Anti-allergenic, Anti-inflammatory, – Bacteriacidal – Emmenagogue. They both are steam distilled from the flowers to produce the essential oils. Both plants have many similarities and are often confused. Roman chamomile gives out a clear to pale yellow, sometimes with a hint of blue oi whilst the oil from the German chamomile is a deep blue which is due to the chamzulene content of the oil. Roman or German? There, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s move on. The blossoms can be harvested to make into a soothing aromatic tea. Which Rose Essential Oil is Right for Me? (Information on chemical constituents from: A Comprehensive Review Regarding the Botanical origin, Medical uses and chemical composition of Roman and German Chamomile. It has golden yellow flowers and grows up to 16 inches tall. In addition to the recipes below, watch for future posts with more recipes that use both German and Roman chamomile. Taste is very subjective, but I find the delicate flavor of chamomile tea delightful. German chamomile essential oil is a wonderful oil with a diverse range of uses. done some interesting reading on your site, thank you. Roman chamomile is a popular essential oil to use with babies and children because of its high content of esters. Roman Chamomile vs German Chamomile. By knowing the differences in these two effective essential oils, you can be sure to pick just the right one for your family’s physical, emotional and mental health. The Main Scientific Compounds In Roman Chamomile Essential Oil The flowers are a little bigger than one inch in diameter and the stems are rough and hairy. It is Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile? Hi there guest, Leah Morgan,Founder & Clinical AromatherapistT. German Chamomile is popular in the cosmetic industry, since the oil supports healthy skin. Roman Chamomile has a light, fresh apple fragrance, and German Chamomile smells more like sweet straw. Both are found in the wild worldwide and both have incredible medicinal uses such as for pain, fever, flushing out toxins, promoting healthy skin, and calming nerves. Though there are no reported problems with using these oils internally during pregnancy, one study on pregnant mice caused the fetuses to reabsorb and babies to be born undersized. Physically, chamomile essential oils are incorporated in blends to help support the nervous system (German and Roman), the immune system (mainly German), the musculoskeletal system (German and Roman), and sometimes the respiratory system (Roman). Blue Chamomile essential oil has a high content of azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile, which bears a blue color. We purchase our essential oils from Ancient Healing Oils. German chamomile oil contains more reactive components. We believe in keeping our goddesses well informed. Can they be interchangeable for this purpose? Chamomile Essential Oil. Herbal or cosmetic chamomile products usually contain Roman or German chamomile. Based on your knowledge of the difference between the two, do you feel I can substitute German for Roman? In many ways both varieties are very similar, and in some ways they are very different. German (Blue) Chamomile, on the other hand, is not perennial, and is propagated by seed planting or letting the flower heads go to seed for the next year. Will it work too? Specific data on the absorption of chamomile oil is limited. The two most sought-after for their medicinal benefits are German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis). This oil comes from the dried flowers of chamomile. I mention this for those of you out there that, like me, who research in depth the supposed benefits of any product that is put on the skin, inhaled or swallowed. We just say no to our goddesses having problems because they’ve accidentally overdosed. Both Roman and German chamomile flowers may be used to treat vomiting. Caution should be used if you have an allergy to daisies. 604-886-6583, © 2020 Healingscents. Hi, for hair loss, which to use? German Chamomile vs Roman Chamomile. I can only find German Chamomile. They both come from plants, albeit different plants. I decided to go with the latter approach because I thought it would be easier to differentiate between the two oils that way. Furthermore, Roman chamomile is a perennial while the German type is an annual. Today it is commonly used to naturally treat many conditions like nervous system issues, eczema, heartburn, anxiety, indigestion, and more [7]. 5 mL (1/6 Ounce)Chamomile Essential Oil From Majestic Pure, 4 Fl. So, let’s try to clarify the Which, When and Why of these two wonderful essential oils! Both contain the essential oil chamazulene, although German chamomile contains a higher concentrate. German chamomile is high in bisabolo oxide A and trans-beta-farnesene, whereas Roman chamomile is high in [isobutyl angelate + isamyl methacrylate] and isobutyl angelate, all of which means a lot to chemistry whizzes but doesn’t tell a layperson much.. That’s why I highly recommend you invest in at least one reputable essential oil encyclopedia or reference book when you start using the oils. Hello, Yes you can, but German chamomile is more potent and is preferred for pain. Medicinally, both varieties are used for calming and soothing skin, inflammation, fevers, and the nervous and digestive systems, as well as inducing perspiration to flush out toxins, allergens and infections. Though they have the same properties. Both German and Roman Chamomile plants grow wild in various parts of the world. It can be used as ground cover. So be careful – this oil will leave a stain on fabric and carpet! Contains high level of esters, has a yellow-pale blue color, and is anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal and highly calming. Roman Chamomile* – Comforting to “the head and brain” Oz – Premium Quality Roman Chamomile Oil

roman chamomile vs german chamomile essential oil

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