The left one, again, is why you shouldn’t underestimate your public. 22 Tracks, for example, is a website where in all different fields of music 22 tracks are selected. They work as an ambassador, I think the word “advocate” has been named a lot of times. But also people who are completely outside of the museum world. We came up with Edits. Cdeasi started working in March. We are an independent organization, which makes us more free to talk with youngsters or young adults on a level that they perhaps feel is more free. Discover 10 of the world’s strangest food museums . In 1997, the Baltimore Museum of Art had 320,000 visitors annually and charged them all an entry fee; it made admission free in 2006, and today, its annual attendance is just 180,000.” Our website and all our activities, which is a good thing for us as an organization. So the results of the last public survey during the last Museum Night. Reduce print. Museums bring history to life. The project was a response to social media objectives designed to reach younger generations and “warm the Tate brand” to tech-savvy Tumblr users. This is really an archive of everything we did, all the photos are collected here, but also we put our press in these maps so people can look at what the press or bloggers wrote about it. So these new visitors, how do you attract them? If a family is struggling to pay for essential items, a trip to the museum is not going to be a priority, especially if admission rates are high. The challenges while organising it, obviously, is the public for us. Are there seasonal outdoor activities year round? The Nacht Salon at Hasmerisei which we did two weeks ago. Everybody was free to upload the movies and this one kind of stood out in 2009, and it’s something – I’ll show it first. In this way they spread the word about Museum Nights, and they communicate to their community to enter these museums. So what does the future hold for us? Again, I think what the successes is that we organize something on site and we get people motivated online. The National Football Museum is England's national museum of football.It is based in the Urbis building in Manchester city centre, and preserves, conserves and displays important collections of football memorabilia.. So that’s it. Museums might not normally be top of your to-do list when visiting a city with kids, but they can often surprise you. Theatre tickets. Though these tactics are tried and tested by museums big and small around the world, they’re especially useful for institutions that are off the beaten track. We speak for the organization, obviously, with our own person. We started that already in August, September. We ask people not from the museums, but outside of the museum world to give their opinion about the exhibition that they saw or a museum that they’ve recently been to. Museums. Submissions from the contest were featured on over 100 websites and blogs including BuzzFeed and Yahoo. It isn’t surprising that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (aka SFMOMA, home of the largest collection of modern art in America) recently launched one of the world’s leading guided tour apps. Although Smith has since moved out of the country, while he was a member of the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction in Sydney, he and Post, a former Rotary Peace Fellow, discovered that they used similar strategies for attracting and keeping younger members. It sold out, so it’s always been sold out, the last years. You get a list on our page of all the museums we work with during the rest of the year, or doing this year. We get our income through the ticket sales of Museum Night, and that’s what we live on and that’s where we organize all things from for the rest of the year. A cliché, but one based on truth. If visitors stray from the path, the app begins to play ambient music, designed not to distract visitors or discourage them from wandering. I’ve worked there now for 2 ½ years, so this year is all about getting the new people well-known with what needs to be organized. But when museums think about attracting more visitors, it's worth keeping in mind that having a standard schedule of open hours means certain groups of people will simply not be able to visit. For one week prior to Museum Night, we had a 22 Tracks of music that was played by the museum night, or will be played during Museum Night. Members of Youth Forum benefit from meeting other young people interested in art and culture, and develop new practical and career-based skills. They say okay, you can do all the communication, you can do all the programming. The last five, six years we’ve been sold out before the event took place. The museum was originally based in Deepdale, Preston, Lancashire, but moved to Manchester in 2012. SO that means that more than 20,000 people will discover a new museum during Museum Night, and I think that’s a already a big goal in itself. Museums need not be afraid of using entertainment, but should embrace it as a tool for learning, potentially attracting a wider and more diversified public.
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