(For those whose kids don’t yet attend Southborough schools, the current three tier schedule transports Algonquin Regional High School students, then Neary and Trottier students [grades 4-8], then Finn and Woodward students [grades K-3].). About 57% of parents who responded to a survey want the Goleta Union School District to apply for a reopening waiver, while a similar number of … For those not fully familiar with the issue, the newsletter introduced with some background: Over the past six years, the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough have studied the impact of a 7:20 AM start time on Algonquin Regional High School (ARHS) students. For Families: Understand parent and caregiver needs, preferences, and reflections on distance learning. In preparation, the Task Force is asking the community to weigh in on the concept: The School Start Time Task Force is pleased to share with the community that it has identified a viable solution to having a later start time at ARHS. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. 2020/21 Reopening Campuses for eLearning Phase 2 Survey. This survey was meticulously reviewed by the educational leaders of the school and informed our planning process for reopening. In the full week, students’ weeks alternate between in-person and remote schooling. [Right] is the Proposed Start Time Changes for the 2021-2022 school year. I previewed earlier this spring that the proposal for new School Start Times in fall 2021 hinges on reducing bus tiers. (This survey is anonymous.). With a Wednesday deadline looming, some parents of pre-kindergarten and special education students are grappling with the decision over whether to send children back to campuses.. As they weigh the decision, tension is escalating between the district and the teachers union about school reopening plans.. Union leaders allege the district will not bargain over reopening issues. The two options given are a “full week” model and “split-week”. For young children, social distancing is all about reducing contacts. Strongly agree; Agree; Disagree; Strongly disagree; Don’t know Do you have an event or meeting you want to let people know about? PASQUOTANK COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools is preparing three plans for the reopening of school in August. The survey is part of the school … Parents would be asked to make reservations each week. Here’s a reminder of our communication timeline: Thank you for your responses to the June 26 survey. KATY, Texas – Katy Independent School District is asking parents several questions in a survey, including what they want to do this fall semester when schools reopen. The Orange County school district will survey parents this evening on their views on schools reopening. There are literally dozens of EC administrators, faculty and staff members meeting and working very hard on a daily basis throughout the summer as we plan for a safe and successful reopening of our school. The early start time has been identified as problematic for ARHS’ student body and is thought to be one of the factors contributing to students’ stress levels. How many children do you have attending Sanders Unified Schools? Similar to other school … The provisionally approved plan was submitted and approved by the Nevada Department of Education the week of July 13. We will continue to report on the work of these team members as their planning work continues through the balance of the summer. Contact | Advertise | © 2014 MySouthborough.com — All rights reserved. We have arranged for additional staff members tasked with cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas on our campuses multiple times throughout the day. The newsletter explains that Schools may reopen as usual (and hope to). Below are results for 13 questions based on our most recent survey, conducted April 10 and 11 among 510 parents of school-age children—part of a larger nationally representative sample of 2,201 adults. Social distancing looks different for young children than older children and adults. In addition, we have benefitted from the insight and support of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee which is made up of community members, School Committee members, teachers, and administrators. Given the lack of significant funds from the CARES Act and other sources, the reopening process raises some real questions for districts and schools. If approved, the adjusted start times would be implemented in the fall of 2021; this year will give stakeholders time to prepare for the change and for the District to make final adjustments. The Superintendent and staff engaged the School Board in a reopening discussion at the September 22, 2020, School Board Workshop. Many parents may choose to transport their students to school until a time when social distancing on the school bus no longer is required. we’re definitely coming back and asked EC parents to complete a survey. Please state your level of agreement for the following questions. Based on this vital feedback we are able to share answers to your most frequently asked questions.

school reopening survey questions for parents

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