Unfortunately, I did not know that my favorite color, red, was apparently one of the dyes that was still in testing ... Quite horrified when I found this out after I showed photos of what this item did to the room I was renting so not only did I spend $200 on a bean bag chair I threw out shortly after, the bad luck followed me when I was charged damages fees by my landlord upon moving out. It was a purchase I won't regret and to whoever made it, good job it's a great product! It looks good after I fluff it up but flattens out pretty quick. They were very helpful, responded to my inquiry quickly, and dispatched the correct cover immediately. The red is gorgeous! Consider the chair’s functionality. It's never busted a seam or ruptured and is as good today as it was the day we got it. It was fun to take out of the box and break up the foam bits. It took about half a day for the memory foam feeling to expand, but once it did we were ready to go! So comfy! Initial drawbacks were that it took over three weeks to inflate even though we were turning and tossing it several times a day. It just looks like uneven shredded foam that they stuffed in there and charged an exorbitant amount. This takes up too much space and isn't comfortable at all. My only complaint is that it does not fluff up once you sit in it. First off, I don’t understand how this garbage got any good reviews, unless they are fake. I use it for watching movies, shows, and gaming. Love it, I got the 5 foot in Red. It sits closer to the floor and takes up a lot of space. The box it arrives in is misleadingly small. This turned out to be a great gift for our son. The only heads up I'd give is that the box it arrives in is heavy. For example, going to the bathroom. Which is better is a matter of opinion, but the sofa Sack is much softer to the touch. I'm glad I stuck by it. Beyond happy with this purchase. However, I am hard pressed to get any time on it. This isn't what you think it is and you'll be unable to use this for its intended purpose. I absolutely LOVE our new Chill Sacks. Keep that in mind when purchasing this product. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I think it could have more stuffing. He and his friends love lounging on it, watching their iPads and playing games, etc. I like the 3 foot bean bag better. Original piece of art or overstock sale? So I've been debating on getting a big bean bag for a while, like a long while, and I dont regret this purchase. This is a huge beanbag and so comfortable and it doesn't give when you're sitting in it was pleasantly surprised of how big it is. Do not sit/ lay in these if you have to be productive. 3-Year Unconditional Warranty, I personally don't find it all that comfortable to sit in but only because it is hard to get out of, however all my kids (and dog) absolutely love laying on it. Couldn't be happier, have been wanting one of these for a long time and this did not disappoint. It’s big! It comes in a small, vacuum sealed bag which turns into a 5' chair when opened. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 6' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag - Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover, Red Furry 4.2 out of 5 stars 357. One thing I do recommend is opening and messing with the liner bag outside because there's a lot of sandy dust. The picture is waaaay off though. I've always wanted a love sac but couldn't see myself spending hundreds of dollars on one...and this is the next best thing! I washed the cover first, then unpacked the stuffing and fluffed it. They charge this much for a product filled with this?? The other negative is that this thing is HEAVY!! It's one of the favorite sitting spots now and everyone loves it! It feels like it is missing about 1/3 of the foam and the foam it does have is lumpy and does not feel good. The memory foam keeps expanding and it says allow 4-5 days for full expansion as you break up clumps, I have no doubt this will hold up and not crush like all the other bags I’ve had in the past. Some come shaped like animals or other playful things. Overall I am still glad I bought it and have taken many naps on this while watching TV with my kids. But i am not happy at all with the appearance and the misleading sales imagery. Has not measured up to the amount of money we paid for it and research we did beforehand. It takes quite a bit of maneuvering it around to get it fluffed up. He uses it for naps throughout the day and it works great. Expanded quicker than we thought it would, was able to use it in a few hours, recommend putting cover on as soon as out of box, easier to maneuver. 3.) I recommend this product. :(. I got this for my daughter’s birthday; it’s very disappointing. BIG MISTAKE! Second, it's heavy as crap and very hard to lift on my own. It's easy, and it's a pretty good workout. Very disappointed. Didnt take long for my dog to monopolize. I may consider ordering extra foam filling in the future to fill the shape out a bit like in the picture but right now it’s comfortable. But it was SO much fun diving & falling into it. Can feel all the foam chunks too. Actually every one loves it including our pets. Pretty darn comfortable. It says giant, but I still didn’t get how big a 5 foot beanbag chair would be. first i was surprised the small box when arrived but not to worry, it fluffs out to a very large and sturdy bean bag i would say there is a intrinsic weight limit, don’t expect a 200+person to get the comfort and life out it like the kids will , that’s opinion not fact, but seems to be fair assessment and the photos are deceiving, it does not posture itself or retain and chair/lounge like structure, like the nice lady lounging around in the phots, it’s just a formless bean bag like any other, but that’s what i expected placed in our master bed room my kids absolutely love it for gaming, reading, watching TV, etc and keeps us together as a family at night, but out of our bed !! It did have a chemically smell but it faded with time. There isn’t enough foam in this chair. Chill Sack is the ideal bean bag sofa for snuggles and cuddles, whether that's with your special someone, dog or favorite blanket. Have had the bean bag for about 2 weeks. Chill Sack is a household name in the beanbag vertical and this awesome chair comes packed with shredded memory foam so that it will not only preserve its shape for longer, you’ll also feel caressed and pampered so you can relax fully after a hard day at the office. It is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of $180. We have three teenagers and two big dogs that also like to lie in it (and even play with it). My bean bag is still flat. Comfy bean bag chair, very close to the pictures. 125lbs and sink in to the floor with maybe 2 inches of padding remaining, sides fold in like a taco. Does tend to flatten out after uses but just turn it, toss it around a little bit and its back to normal! But the smell is unbearable. Inside Options: Each of these bean bags come over-stuffed with shredded foam, which has a fluffy feel to the touch. And I'm not a big person -- 5.5" and about 125 lbs. Being that I have very little patience, I wanted to unpack it and use it right away...so I brought it over to my moms house. When it first arrived I had to roll the box into the house as its too heavy and awkward for one person to safely/comfortably lift. If you put it against a wall or in a corner this effect is lessened, but it usually ends up more of a pancake than a sphere. Still, I stuck by it, and I'm glad I did. The picture is nothing like the product besides the material of the bag. Giving it 4 stars though because the bags are a bit heavy and we have to roll them around and fluff them each day or the foam will crush down and become uncomfortable. Product is great. Toss it in your barn, den, or living room, and listen for the tell-tale shouts of, “I call the bean bag chair!” The bean bag measures 48in x 48in x 30in and is just the right size for relaxing in any room: large enough to watch a movie with your best friends, but not so big that it takes over a small room. I really like these. I can spend 6+ hours in this watching football. I awkwardly tackled it in attempt to slow the process. I broke the pieces apart. The smell. Much better than those filled with the Styrofoam pellets.! You will basically be sitting on the floor. My only complaint is that the sack seems to be a little too big for the stuffing. Fluffs back up by flipping it over. (We also own a 5 foot Love Sac with a slightly nicer cover but value for money these win easily).

chill sack bean bag chair

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