Perfume Jour D`hermes Absolu Dama (edp) 85ml $ 3,500. en. Here is why: My boyfriend, always smells amazing. I wore this yesterday for the holiday festivities. From surprise to magic and from magic to enchantment, Eau des Merveilles leads us by the nose on a dream cloud. It is a difficult scent though, and hard to pinpoint. After a couple of hours of wearing it, it leaves a diluted scent in the air. Sometimes, it pays off to pursue a perfume for frivolous reasons. the image i get from this perfume is the all saints’ pure shores music video - a sunny day at the beach in the winter, while the salty and crisp breezy winds hit your face. The opening is extremely fruity and fresh, through the orange and lemon notes, but then amber kicks in and it's so beautifully balanced and pretty. Sweet & subtle and surprisingly an amazing orange note. I don't find it peppery, but I do smell the pine. Quick Look. I do not get the citrus. Had high hopes for this and was very disappointed. Perfume EAU DES MERVEILLES BLEUE de Hermès. It is so different -- opens with citrus, but quickly morphs into something warm and spicy and woody that's so perfectly blended I can't distinguish notes beyond "good" and "let's have some more of that right now." For those of us over a certain age may remember that smell when dumping the pencil sharpener at school? There's a slightly alcohol vibe (not perfumer's alcohol, but a spirit). It's a cooling fragrance dominated by pine and oranges. I find it elegant and a bit old-fashioned, but not in the bad way. 98. It’s definitely not sweet thankfully. S2. It's fresh and spicy, with the citrus and pepper keeping it from becoming deep and dark. Not soapy, but fresh from a dip in the ocean clean. Bone dry. 33. sin interés. Me es imposible ocultar mi amor por los perfumes de Jean Claude Ellena. :). I tried wearing it many times, but I decided it's not quite right for me, yet I love it on others including two female friends. Has an airy quality to it that makes me think of a crisp autumn or winter morning. It just won't work. I have the non-spray mini so maybe the little pool of fragrance it leaves behind is too concentrated. I wanted to like this scent and gave it several tries over a period of time. This is so complex and intriguing that I'm almost intimidated to try it on myself. Absolute gorgeous however I find my new mini has very poor sillage and longevity! Altamente recomendable. Sadness - this disappears and becomes a skin scent on me super fast. You keep trying it in different moods and situations and seasons, but no. It's quite unique and there's nothing else quite like this! 12x $ 291. Enter Eau des Merveilles, Theorema, CdG 2, etc...spicy, amber-hued, dirty—and occasionally inky (LOVE you, CdG 2)—golden oranges. I so wanted to love this one. . I got a 30ml Merveilles today in the Hermes boutique. Reminds me of Orangina, ( a popular French bitter orange soda), laced with pink peppercorns. I'd say it's a unisex scent, not a feminine smell at all, comforting and familiar. A blind buy based on all the glowing reviews plus I love amber, pepper, orange and "different and unique" but unfortunately the only adjective that applies here is "different and unique". EDM fades to a skin scent distressingly quickly, on me at least. HERMÈS Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vétiver Eau de Parfum. This will be forever with me, ever! Quick Look. Eau Des Merveilles by Hermes EDT Spr... (2.99 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online 30 items on, Perfume rating It's perfect for all seasons and all occasions! People make this sound like it is some offensive scent, but it's not. It is very warm and sunny fragrance, as some sun filled terrace of the family summerhouse near the sea. Sillage is average, longevity lacks.... My new favorite! This is extremely dry-- no sweetness whatsoever, which helps it play just as beautifully in the heat as in the cool weather. Better sillage than you would expect - I get compliments with just one spray. I'm transported to a northern hemisphere snowy forest, on a warm Australian christmas day. I have owned, worn and finished a couple of bottles of this in the past but since moved on to things either more woody and deep or more cool and irisy. The pine isn't super masculine or strong though but it gives the composition a slight bitterness, along with the bitter orange peel. Orangey woody pepper. Nothing for me... people always ask me what i'm wearing when i put this on! I want to love it based on the notes and other folks's reviews, but it's just not happening for me. Initially, all I could smell was the orange but after a few minutes it turns into a creamy, slightly sweet, and salty scent. Unfortunately I had to stop buying this one, I fed up enjoying this for few minutes only:(. I remember my dad wears this kind of scents. Síguenos en Twitter @fragrantica y Facebook fan page. It is a fresh, zesty, quite unisex scent that I think will work best in warm weather. A creation of Hermes, this marvelous women's fragrance reflects the fine French brand's stamp of excellence. I still love the fragrance, but that makes it very difficult to wear except of very cold days for me! Js. NARANJA, CEDRO Y PIMIENTA ES LO ÚNICO QUE SIENTO. Difinitely not floral. This is such a strange one .. you definitely need time with this fragrance to appreciate it. One of my go-to fragrances for everyday wear and I never get tired of it. I have a mini of this and can’t wait to get my self a big ol’ bottle as this is one that does need reapplying. Problem solved. Derechos de Reproducción © 2006-2020 Revista de Fragancias – Todos los derechos reservados- No se permite copiar nada sin autorización previa por escrito. Eating clementines in the coldest day of autumn while reading a book that has pictures of those dry-ice dunes found in Mars that look like foaming crests swirling ghostly over rusty sand and of phantasmagorical oceans without atmosphere, beautiful but impervious to life, a poem about inhospitable planets that live in perpetual twilight and everyday is a dumpy winter day. This turns to play-dough on my skin. I'm a bit surprised that this receives some really negative reactions, but I suppose that's expected from a perfume that isn't wholly conventional and is a bit unisex. 12x $ 277. Clean . A luminous, sparkling woody scent? I want this one so bad. BTW, it is a great [closet scent], too. It has that expensive Hermes touch, but it's boring to me. Perfecta combinación de elementos naturales, para crear una mágica fragancia para mujer. But there’s this single note that I can’t identify that just Pinch my nose n makes it unbearable. This perfume reminds me of walking through Kensington & Chelsea in London; maybe that is why I love it so much.

hermes perfume eau des merveilles

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